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I am so grateful I happened to find Pintu. I had a vision and he listened and delivered! It was the speediest process I have had so far in my business and the results were what I was looking for. Already thinking about our next project together.

Jessica USA October 10, 2018

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I’ve tried to find a decent formulator for several months and no luck… Until I met Pintu. He is not only created the amazing formula , but also revised it many times. All my customers are satisfied now. Thank you a lot Pintu for being flexible and professional. Looking forward for new projects with you.

Olga U.S. May 14, 2018

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I am so blessed to have found FormulaFixer and to be working with Pintu, after hours and hours of researching for a chemist I decided to work with him, it has been nothing but amazing. Pintu is professional and very down to earth. He works quick and is readily available. His formulas are beautifully put together and he helps you work with the equipment you already have. He always makes sure you are able to get the ingredients needed for the formula in hand, and is very good at tweaking the formula to your desired state.

I am able to say now that I will keep him as my chemist and can see our relationship become a friendship.

I am extremely grateful for all the work we have done together.

Dulce V leon Canada May 8, 2018

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It was wonderful working with Formulafixer. He was very attentive, and helpful and very knowledgable regarding cosmetics, he formulated several products for me, and all came out great. He was available to respond questions and adjust the formulas when needed. I would highly recommend his services, he is the best cosmetic chemist!

Thanks for my wonderful products (=

Sofia Corona Mexico February 19, 2018

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I’m so thankful I found Formula Fixer! After a few attempt working with other cosmetic chemists that just didn’t understand my branding and made suggestions that failed with my formulations not to mention the expense of shipping product back and forth I FOUND PINTU! I’ve been making my own skin care for years for myself and friends and finally after much persuasion decided to build my own skincare line, but Needed the help of an EXPERIENCED cosmetic chemist to help me stabilize my formulas who understood natural preservation methods. And that’s exactly what Pintu helped me do with Ease and Patience and CLEAR COMMUNICATION in a timely fashion. 
Formula Fixer is my go to chemist from now on!!

Leda Lum February 18, 2018